Foshan Chihong Machinery and Electric Trading Company  has committed to building ceramic machinery and accessories one-stop sourcing platform, serving customers worldwide, has become the ceramic industry ceramic industry machinery and accessories and most complete, reliable quality, competitive price , service-class brands, the company many years of service concept, by the customer's trust. Is due to business development needs, and sincerely interested in from the community to recruit long-term common development of talented people to join the platform and providing good training and fair opportunity for promotion. Now the following positions help wanted: 

A.Sales Assistant:

1. Time tracking and handling customer feedback , maintain customer relationships ;
2. Collecting customer information and requirements , relevant market information mining and collating ;
3. Responsible for contacts and communication customers, build customer data and files , complete the relevant sales reports ;
4. Responsible for collating customer information, sales agreements , contracts and other archive management .
5. Assist the competent department rules and regulations and improve operational processes and norms, good sales background support ;
6.Other competent assignments.


1. 30 years of age, college education, science and engineering machinery or automation , marketing class ,  management class, business class professionals and other related field preferred ; building ceramics enterprises to two years experience in the production line technology , familiar with ceramics production process, equipment and accessories priority . The C driver's license is preferred.
2. More than one year work experience ;
Proactive , patient and meticulous , responsible, full of team spirit, love sales , love to think , dare to accept the challenge , with a compre-
hensive ,systematic analysis of control ability , good communication ;

4. With a strong organization and coordination ability , co-ordination , execution ;
5. Familiar with a variety of office equipment and common office software.
6. Once hired, treated favorably .
Working Hours : Monday to Saturday , and other legal holidays . 8-hour 


B.Procerement Engineers:

1. To assist purchasing managers procurement aspects of the work , and chief executive chauffeur ;
2. The management procurement inquiry, contract documents and suppliers to establish supplier information repository ;
3. To assist purchasing managers vendor liaison , reception, negotiations and other work ;
4. The production , the preparation of various statistical reports procurement targets ;
5. Responsible for producing and managing the storage of documents and other warehouse management documents. Responsible for the procurement of goods are recognized technical quality standards , inspection , shipping , etc. with a single work ;
6. Groping , quantitative indicators of job performance , recording and continuous improvement ;
7. The completion of other tasks assigned by the leadership .

1. Mechanical or electronic college and higher education ;
2. There is C licenses driver's license, male .
3. Familiar with the procurement process , familiar with ERP systems ;
4. Skilled use of Word,, excel and other office software , computer skills ;
5. Careful and meticulous work , responsible, quick-witted , with a strong team spirit, strong learning ability, in the short period of time on the company 's products familiar with , and meet the job requirements necessary professional extent .
Promotion channel :
Purchasing Assistant Purchasing Manager Purchasing Director Purchasing Specialist 

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